The Body Balance Program

Have you been overwhelmed by health problems that seem to set you back?

Have you noticed weight gain (or loss) that just doesn’t seem to respond to anything, no matter what you do?

Have you seen changes in your hair, skin, and nails like brittleness, ridges, acne, cellulite, or discolorations?

Have you tried all kinds of products like pills, drinks, shakes, and supplements with little or no success?

Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Or do you wake up still feeling as if you haven’t slept for days?

Do you struggle to pay attention and remember things?

Is your gut a mess and never really seems to be ‘normal’ anymore?

Do you feel like you’re constantly developing new sensitivities to foods and chemicals in your environment?

Do you feel like you’re carrying around a big balloon of water (or air?) right in your belly?

Are you frequently bloated and tired?

Have you been to the doctor many times (or have seen many different doctors) and just can’t seem to get answers the answers that you’re looking for?

Do you feel like just giving up sometimes?

All of these things are feelings I have been through.

All of these things are feelings my clients have been through, too.

I have made it my mission to help people who can’t seem to break out of the cycle of health problems, inflammation, negative thoughts, and hopelessness.

About 3 years ago, I found myself, at only 32 years old, suffering from the worst digestion of my life. I was also experiencing multiple food sensitivities, feeling achy and tired, deeply fatigued emotionally and physically, unable to be happy, even though I should have been, and I was on the verge of tears on a daily basis, because I could not figure out how to get back to being vibrant and alive every day.

I felt like I had been run over every morning. Getting out of bed was a chore and I was barely able to make it through the day without lots of caffeine, sugar, and naps in the afternoon.

No matter how I trained in the gym, my body didn’t respond the way I wanted it to and no matter how ‘clean’ I ate, I still felt terrible and had plenty of GI problems on many days.

I thought, “I help other people overcome this stuff, why can’t I help myself, too?”

So, I did. Three years later, I can say I am happier than I have ever been. I feel more energetic, vital, strong, and alive than I think I ever have in my adult life. I look back and don’t even recognize my old self.

I had so many things blocking me from healing and getting back to just living an amazing life, and I had to remove those obstacles, whether they were physical, emotional, psychological, or physiological.

And then I had to put in all the right things, in the right amounts, at the right time.

Out of that struggle, I created the Body Balance program. My goal is to spread this experience to everyone who’s willing to join me.

There is no reason you have to remain stuck in the cycle of inflammation, fatigue, weight gain, and negativity.

Your body is completely capable of healing, recovering, and living to its fullest potential, if you pay attention to and nurture the 6 Core Elements of Balance that your body needs, every day.


In the Body Balance program, we will teach you what to put into your body (nutrition, movement, hydration, positive thoughts, and more) and what to keep out of it (harmful substances, inflammatory foods, toxic exposures, and negative mindset).

Every person is unique, and every journey will be different. What works for some will not work for others.

The Body Balance program is created to assess your own unique situation and needs, and provides a customized plan for you to follow throughout your 8 weeks with us. This plan is based on functional stress assessments, current and past medical history, laboratory testing, and constant feedback.

In the Body Balance program, you can expect the following:

Focus on the 6 Core Elements of Balance

Detoxification Pathways

Without using gimmicky products!

Body Composition

Fat loss, muscle gain, thyroid, and hormones

Inflammation Management

Reducing chronic pain, water retention, and improving lymphatic flow and circulation

Recovery and Rejuvenation

Improving sleep, getting healthy skin, hair and nails, and anti-aging nutrition

Emotional and Psychological Wellness

Managing stress, balancing adrenal function, building and improving social connections, positive mindset building, and creating healthy self-esteem


Personalized exercise, maintaining healthy joints and musculoskeletal system, and reducing sedentary behaviors


The next group of Body Balance starts November 13th, 2017. Applications will be accepted through November 11th, 2017.

How do we create Body Balance from these?

…By addressing each core center in a systematic way to remove inflammation, toxicity, stressors, and negative thoughts and behaviors.

We’ll teach you how to re-build your body one new, healthy, functional cell at a time through a focus on nutrients, gut health, inflammation reduction, movement that builds and motivates, restful sleep, and healthy mindsets.

Included in each participant’s program will be:

  • Customized nutrition meal plan designed to provide adequate calories from nutritious foods that heal, support metabolism, and aid in recovery
  • Guidance and coaching on meal patterns and food swapping so that you can easily figure out how to create your own meals and meal plans, even if you don’t cook your own food!
  • Food and nutrient lists that provide directions and guidelines for optimal meals and nutritional intake, with weekly goal setting to achieve this optimal intake gradually over time
  • Our list of ‘Supplements that Everyone Should be Taking’
  • Nutrition plan adjustments as needed each 3-4 weeks
  • Exercise guidance (workout plans and templates include basic fitness such as bodyweight and cardio workouts, basic and intermediate strength training, conditioning workouts, and other resources as needed)
  • Access to the exclusive Body Balance group community to participate in weekly discussion topics, share progress, post and share recipes, workouts, and give and receive MOTIVATION to and from your peers
  • Bi-weekly live webinar topics with open discussion opportunities for members
  • Opportunity to order functional gut testing and have interpretation of labs incorporated into your custom nutrition plan
  • Opportunity to add on clinical consults to address more in depth health concerns and discuss a customized supplement recommendation
  • Weekly email check-in with your personal registered dietitian nutritionist to keep you on track and accountable

What does all this cost?

Only $130 per month, or, you can save $20 and pay for your entire 8 weeks up front for $240.

Where else can you get access to personalized nutrition, coaching, clinical help, and accountability from clinically trained dietitians with decades of experience?

To sign up and pay in full, $240, (a $20 discount!) for your 8 Week Body Balance experience, click here:

If you wish to make two separate payments of only $130 each for your 8 Week Body Balance experience, click here:

At this point, there is one important question for you to answer:

Are you a priority to YOU?

Wouldn’t it feel great to wake up every day and say ‘I love my body, my life, and feel amazing all day, every day’??

If you’re not ready for that yet, that’s ok. You might not be ready to jump into a major life-changing program like Body Balance. There’s always next time, and we completely understand that not everyone is reading this at exactly the right time in their life. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

However, if you DID answer yes to that question, keep reading. We want you in this program, because you’re ready.

You’re tired of not liking how you feel in your own skin.

You’re tired of feeling tired.

You’re tired of digestive problems.

You’re tired of waking up in the morning dreading your day.

You’re tired of chronic inflammation.

You’re tired of frowning when you look in the mirror and only seeing flaws.

You’re tired of wishing things were better.

You’re tired on not putting yourself first.

And you’re ready to do something.

You’re ready to change things to MAKE THEM BETTER.

Things like how you think, how you move, how you eat, and how you live.

Let’s be honest. We know we should love ourselves, but sometimes we just can’t see all the great things about ourselves, because our vision is clouded by negativity.

We’re negative about our bodies, we feel like we’ll never solve our health problems, and we feel like there’s no way anyone else could love us either.

These negative thoughts manifest into psychological stress that can block our own ability to take action and make progress.

Negativity is not allowed in Body Balance!

We’ll help you reset that thought process, unblock the mind-body connection, and start to see results, even in your first week in the program.

This program will help break down self-sabotaging behaviors, identify sources of stress (physical, emotional, psychological) that prevent you from making changes that stick, and get results.

The group coaching is intensive and you’ll have loads of support along the way as we walk you through small, easy-to-follow changes that build together to yield massive results.

Throughout this program, you’ll have access to expert registered dietitian nutritionists, a community of women who support you, and custom resources designed to make this foolproof.

The only way you can fail is by not signing up. It’s that simple.

Buy now for only $240:

or make two separate payments of $130 each:


Still have questions? Read our FAQs below if you need more information before signing up.


Is this program for me if I just want to lose weight?

Absolutely. While Body Balance is SO MUCH MORE than just a weight loss program, you will see changes in your body composition (losing fat, building some lean muscle) in the program.

Is Body Balance for me if I don’t want to lose weight at all?

Definitely! Even if you like where your weight is, but want to work on general healthy habits, reducing risk for chronic disease, or managing inflammatory symptoms, this program can still be beneficial for you.

I already have a personal trainer or nutritionist. Can I still join the Body Balance program to work on other behavior change areas?

You are absolutely welcome to participate if you are already working with another professional on your nutrition or fitness. We encourage you to use whatever resources you see are most effective for helping you meet your goals, even if those resources are not with us. We’ll fill in the gaps of whatever you feel like you’re still missing!

My schedule is packed and I’m worried I won’t be able to stay on track with a busy program. How much of a time commitment is required for this?

Honestly, if you feel like you already have problems with time management, this might be difficult for you. We DO teach time management concepts in Body Balance, especially because we hope to be able to show you how to prioritize yourself, but it all comes down to you doing the things that are required of you, in order to see results. Typically time required weekly on things like nutrition/meal prep/cooking will vary from person to person, and may range from 2-8 hours, depending on how much you want to spend on that. Exercise can also be an activity that requires a commitment from you depending on what type you choose to do. Plan to spend at least 30 minutes per day, but possibly up to 90 minutes 4-6 days a week on movement.

I have some complicated medical problems like an autoimmune disease or IBD. Is this program appropriate for me?

Anyone can participate in the Body Balance program, however, it is not designed to specifically address your clinical problems in depth. You DO have the option to purchase clinical consults as well as advanced functional diagnostic laboratory testing if you would like to have that included in your plan. Please indicate your interest in that when filling out your application.

I have physical limitations that prevent me from exercising. Is this program right for me?

We do our best to work around all manner of previous injuries or limitations to encourage basic movement for all participants in a safe and appropriate manner. However, if you are completely immobile and on medical restrictions that prevent you from participating in something as basic as walking, you may not get the full benefits of this program. We encourage you to discuss this with your doctor before applying to join, and we reserve the right to decline acceptance into the Body Balance program if we deem it to be a potential risk to you.

I don’t have access to a gym. Can I still participate in the Body Balance program?

Definitely! While having a gym membership does provide you with more options for ways to exercise and move, it is not a requirement. As long as you are able to incorporate some kind of exercise into your life, you will be fine.

Are there age limitations on joining Body Balance?

We do require that applicants are at least 18 years of age at the time of their application. Some subjects that may come up in discussion may include reference to adult content, such as sexuality and relationships, and for this reason, we do not allow minors to join. There is theoretically no upper age limit on Body Balance, as long as the applicant is considered medically cleared for safe exercise and does not have severe or strict medical limitations.

Is my personal medical information kept secure?

You bet. As clinicians, one of our main duties is to ensure that any medical information you share with us or our team is kept carefully secure. We use only HIPAA-compliant software programs in which to store your initial documents and intake forms, and any health-related information we exchange such as lab testing or clinical consults will also be stored in a HIPAA-compliant program.

What is the difference between Body Balance and all the other health coaching programs I see online?

We’re glad you asked. Body Balance is run by credentialed, licensed, and insured clinical healthcare providers. Sarah Ashman RDN and Brenda Murdock RDN have studied and practiced for over 20 years of combined experience, and gained clinical nutrition experience in a variety of settings to be able to gather together their expertise in the integrative and functional medical nutrition therapy field, sports nutrition counseling, clinical nutrition, digestive disorders, and lifestyle management specialties into this one amazing resource. This is not just another cheerleading group for weight loss. This is a research-backed, clinically-tested program that is designed to change your life.

If you’re ready to take the next step to creating internal and external balance with loads of support and help along the way, please choose your payment option below:

Pay in full: $240

Make two payments of $130 each:

You will be redirected to the health background and client information form once your payment is complete.

Your information is securely stored and not shared with anyone.

The next group of Body Balance starts November 13th, 2017. Applications will be accepted through November 11th, 2017.

Have a question first before getting signed up?

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