The Busy Girl’s Guide to Getting Lean


A guide for women with beginning to intermediate level experience with exercise and strength training who want to build a lean, strong body through a combination of strength training and high intensity conditioning.

This ebook provides guidance on getting started, 12 weeks of planned programmed workouts, 10 additional glute-building workouts, and a supplemental pullup guide for building proficiency in pullups and a beautiful back. Instructional videos are linked.


This ebook is the result of over a decade of training and coaching women in various types of fitness and physical activity.

Included in The Busy Girl’s Guide to Getting Lean are:

  • form guidance for lifting if you’re new to it
  • links to tutorial videos for exercises you may not be familiar with
  • 12 weeks of workouts designed to create sexy lean muscle and burn fat
  • conditioning workouts to rev up your metabolism
  • 10 supplemental booty building workouts
  • additional resources for improving your pullups
  • guidance on progressing loads and reps in training safely
  • and more!

This ebook and program is designed for beginner to intermediate lifters who want to focus on sculpting a strong, sexy body through the use of various types of weights from barbells, to kettlebells, to dumbbells, and some machines.

In addition to strength workouts for lean muscle, I’ve included conditioning circuits and HIIT (high intensity interval training) which are all modifiable for your level of experience. These conditioning workouts will provide you with a metabolic burn like no other!

The workout program can be repeated over and over, if you choose, or can be modified each new time you go through it with new weights or exercises to keep things fresh.

As with any new exercise program, please consult with your doctor before beginning to ensure you are medically fit to participate in it safely.

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