I hate writing about myself. But here’s what you need to know:

I got my BS in Dietetics and Nutrition from Kansas State University, my Masters of Dietetics Administration from Utah State University, and my MBA through American Military University.

Every one of those degrees was going to be ‘my last one.’ So I can’t really say that I’ll ever be done with higher learning, and I appreciate people that love to learn, so if you’re here to learn with me, that’s cool. We’ll get along.

I specialize in two areas of nutrition:

  1. Digestive disorders
  2. Toxicity/toxic burden
  3. I no longer take on sports nutrition clients, but if you’re looking for that, check out KC Nutrition 🙂

I have access to some phenomenal laboratory testing, through the clinical laboratory that I work for, and it is likely you will get to experience the power of that accurate and informative testing if you work with me. I like to talk about the objective data on labs, and the subjective data you’re experiencing day-to-day. Evidence + observation = good experience.

If you’re interested in working with me on a nutrition or health-related goal, navigate over to Work With Me and fill out the contact form. I’ll get in touch with you shortly after you fill that out.

I work with clients in person on a limited basis, as my office schedule is rather busy. I have more openings for distance-based clients, but I’ll be super blunt with you: I turn many prospective clients away.

Before you contact me to work with me, understand that my programs are intensive. If you are not ready to at least explore the idea that you need to make some possibly major changes in order to meet whatever goals you have, we probably won’t be a good fit.